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Where the Clouds Hang
by Jennifer Kelly on February 2nd, 2015

​The clouds hung from their strings very low today.
Floating softly and magnetically, they whispered and taunted the ground that lie but a few short feet below their very own shadow. Drifting monotonously, they couldn’t help but allow a few rays of sunlight to pierce through them with warmth and vibrancy.
It was as if these clouds, on this specific day, knew that they were on a secret sort of mischief. Fully aware of their unusual proximity to the ground, but all the while curious about the eyes that gazed back upon them from below.
I first noticed them hovering the ground in the early afternoon.
Usually, on any other day, clouds are high up on their strings. Hanging out on the mountaintops or scattered lightly above the horizon - casting reflections, floating with a particular ambience, and adding a fluffy-white context to an ordinary day. 
​But not this particular group of clouds.
And certainly not today.
It’s true that you can get lost in the clouds. Literally. My head was all but in them. I stayed there, standing and staring and wondering how they were dropped down so hauntingly low? Why were they so heavy and deep and rich today? Not airy or white, but weighty and mysterious? Why had they come to this spot, at this particular moment in time?
Enchanted, I stood there affixed. 
​Have you ever watched a sun-ray pierce a cloud and light the ground through it?
I don’t have the sufficient words, adjectives or talent to describe such a thing. Really, the scene of the clouds and the sun breaking through them is one of those gifts we take advantage of. It’s one of the many luxuries that are placed in our laps – in our grasp for comfort and awe - and we don’t even realize it exists.

We pass by the grandiose gestures of God, unaware and in a hurry.
After some time lapsed, the intenseness of the clouds affected my own sub-consciousness. I picked up my pace, shuffling off a bit quicker, while the thought that the clouds looked low enough to simply reach out and touch.
All these words to try and explain that the horizon was thin today.
The space between heaven and earth really is not that far.

And most days life seems like a great-big momentous void.
Momentous - because this is life - and life is full of beauty and wonder and awe.
But void – because this is life – and life is also full of despair and loss and sadness.
Life is this very important in-between that can feel never-ending at times.
A little bit of heaven and a little bit of hell.
I can’t seem to find the beginning or the end; and yet her I am, deciphering about the clouds that hang so low off their strings above me.
What souls walk underneath clouds every day is a wonder.
Who hangs the clouds from their strings each day is the real mystery. 

I thought You might split the sky open today.
That’s how thin the horizon was.

And that’s how thin the horizon is every, single, God-given day. What chances God gives! What grace and love that we, when we take the time to stop and look, might see His glory bearing weight in a single set of clouds?
Only You could make the song of the bird reflect Your majesty. Only You could calm the sea and storms and wind and rain with the sound of your voice or the whisper of Your name.
What a fool I am most days.
A dirty, little, mindless sinner-of-a-girl.
And yet, You love me.
You, who command space and time, the orcas and the julep, the sun and the stars, meet with me right where I am. In the middle of the day, with a couple gray clouds my way. Piercing my dark and empty soul with spots of grace and life, just as the sun pierces holes through the clouds with light and warmth.
Perhaps we should stick our heads up in the clouds a bit more most days?

It is Your glory, Your power and Your majesty that is reflected. The thin space where heaven and earth and a cross hang. For Your perfect sacrifice is the light that shines through it all.

When we look at the clouds may we remember that it was a set of clouds that received Jesus when He departed. And when Jesus returns, well I'm sure the clouds will be there to receive Him again. The most important kind of messengers between heaven and earth.

Thank you for letting the clouds hang so very low off their strings today. What a perfect reminder that the in-between won't last forever. That how we choose to live our lives truly makes a difference. For such a time is this.

May we live our lives worthy of Your sacrifice and bound by Your love. And may our gaze last a bit longer on the clouds, truly hopeful and expectant of Your most glorious return. 

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Rachel - February 3rd, 2015 at 11:45 AM
this is absolutely beautiful. poetic, truthful, full of vision, full of calling to the "beyond this world" mentality that will both help us rise above our circumstances and enforce that we are to bring others into this promise as well. this comes from a woman on fire with a private prayer life that gives Him room to speak His brilliant words and give you the ability to paint a vision beyond our humanness.
Doug Price - February 3rd, 2015 at 4:47 PM
Thanks for the thoughts
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