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The Summer Cusp
by Jennifer Kelly on May 1st, 2015

I love the in-between month of May.

The buzz that fills the late spring air of celebration, graduation and remembrance.
Each week in May seems to mark something of significance. Mother's Day and Memorial Day and birthdays are some of the very big reasons that this has become one of my favorite months of the year.

If your family is anything like mine than you wholeheartedly understand how we operate from a school calendar. Our year starts in August and ends in May. June and July is free time, a break, sleep and sun. Yes, New Years Day is exciting and January does usher in the start of a new beginnings, but it lasts only for a night and pales in comparison.

May is the realizations of dreams, the reward that comes from ending a job well done, celebrations of moms everywhere, honor to those who have fought and lost their lives for this country and the end of spring. If somehow May could be a museum where you could walk the halls and look at timeless pieces of history and people, it would be like the National WWII Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana. Absolutely beautiful and full.

And THIS is that time of year. The in-between. We are in countdown mode to summertime. What started as anxious jitters on the first day of school in August has now turned into a successful year-end celebration of hugs and kisses and goodbyes.

And we-are-ready-for-summer. For sleeping in and playing and adventure. We are on the cusp of throwing out our schedule and ushering in the sun. Pool time, travel and camps will be our life for the next two months and this mom can't wait for that.

If you have ever read anything I've written then you know I LOVE the in-between places. And May is one of the best in-between places I know of. We will give flowers and wait in line for over an hour to eat with our moms on Sunday. We will squeeze and bless all these kids on graduation day. And we will take a moment of silence and bow our heads to remember those who have fought and died for our country.

​You guys, May is FULL. Full of life and death and remembrance. May is friendly faces and goodbyes and BBQ. It is a swirl of emotions. We are doing the end of the year parties, graduations and evaluations of work well done and taking the time to give honor where honor is due. And I am feeling all of it.

I walk my daughters to school with a little more emotion attached. A little more intentionality than I did a couple months ago. My conversations have turned more serious as I am completely aware that they are growing up. Way too fast. These amazing kids are not the same children that walked the halls in August or December or February.

My heart quickens just thinking about it. 

The sun seems to know we have hit the cusp as well. Temperatures are rising and the pool is beckoning. Spring is saying its last goodbye and we are trying SO HARD to end well at school while watching our summer calendar fill up with anticipation and excitement.

So as we all are heading into May - saying goodbye to spring and welcoming the heat of June, July and August, I just want to encourage you to HOLD-ONTO-THESE-MOMENTS.

Recognize the season of in-between and press into it.
End well. Say goodbye. Memorialize it. Tell your mom you love her. Fill up that summer calendar with fun and food and family. Kiss those cheeks and tell your teachers a million "thank-yous" with a gift attached.

Feel all the feelings and emotions that IS the summer cusp and thank God for all of it.
Because May is one of the special times where we have the opportunity to do so. 

Much love and peace as you live out the in-between month of May.

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