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The Cusp of Fall
by Jennifer Kelly on September 17th, 2015

​The orientation of autumn is here, and we are in the cusp.

Summer is gently fading, the nights are cooling, and it's time to pack up all our favorite memories and head-on-over to fall. Pictures get placed neatly in albums, but the memories get tucked deep-down inside our hearts and minds.

It's time to say "goodbye" to summertime.

The end of a season always turns out to be an awakening. I quickly run-through the events of May, June & July and am satisfied with half of it. Honestly, I wish I could go back and fix the other forty percent... but my mind is preoccupied with the list of "things-to-do" before the end of the month.

And-just-like-that, It's time to say "hello" to fall.

It's September and the kids are back in school. All bright-eyed and lit-up on the outside, only to try and cover the nervous tension that simmers on the inside. Between managing a new grade and settling into routine once again, many of them are feeling overwhelmed and tired. But our children walk the halls with remnants of summer found all over their beautiful faces. Sun-kissed cheeks and the smell of sunblock are still in full effect. Mostly due to last minute trips to the pool, beach, and lakes as a last-ditch effort to hang onto summer as-long-as-humanly-possible. 

Parents are caught of guard with facing a calendar that has suddenly consumed the rest of the year; bombarded with holiday preparations, school functions and planning meetings. All of THIS is happening while the breath, the outside temperature, and the sweet ease that is summertime looms. The scenes of vacation, family, food, and rest are now savored only in an exhale. Too fond to be gone, too close by to let go. 

And yet we do, we say "goodbye" to summer and "hello" to fall.  

Fall holds the possibility of new friendships, crisp weather and rich flavors. Truly, the meeting place of summer and fall is bittersweet. We find ourselves saying another farewell to (sand) and (sun) and (slow), yet at the same time, giddy to greet October with a warm embrace.

The breeze and smell of autumn is always a nice surprise; like cashmere and caramel. It's warm and rich. Scenes of football and pumpkin spice lattes re-enter our lives with anticipation and ease.

The changing of seasons is my favorite, specifically the transition to autumn. For me, this in-between shift is the most vivid and textured. We shift from summer blues to autumn browns, water and sand for farms and apples. It's no longer hot, but cool and cozy. Autumn time fills our interests (and closets) with new boots and sweaters and books, but September eases us into that transition. The seasonal cusp is always the time where both exist. In September, summer passes the baton to fall.

I love when people talk about the changing of seasons. For me, it's always evolutionary. Any of the seasonal cusps are filled with adjustments, shifts, and revisions of time expressed through nature that mystifies. Nature gives us in-between grace. 

God knew you needed time to say goodbye, all the while saying hello.
​But, it's the transitions of seasons that IS so much like the work of God in all of us. 

Aren't we filled with adjustments, shifts, and revisions?
Isn't our transitions expressed through the moments of our days that end up being memories that mystifies? 

The older I get, the more I believe that the events of our lives, the major transitions of opportunity, or the death of something (or someone) IS the realization of God's promises coming true. Because transition is the subtle reminder that this will not last forever, but the Kingdom of God will. However easy or difficult the season might be.

Out of all the seasons, I like to think that God designed autumn with me in mind. Fall sees me for who I am, more than any other time of the year. I was born in October and over the span of thirty years, I've finally come home. This wonderful realization has come slowly and through much pain and joy. But my Father in heaven knows, just as He knows the number of hairs that are on my head. God isn't just IN the details. He creates and orchestrates them. 

I hope you're able to wrap up your summer with one last trip to the beach or pool or lake. But more than that, I pray this autumn is full of grace and truth for you and your family. I hope you notice the transition. It's slow in nature, but instantenous when no attention is given. Kinda like life.

May God's presence cover your spirit like the leaves of fall cover the earth. May you be blanketed with warmth and love - the rich kind of textured love that you can feel - like cashmere and caramel in October.

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