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The Cusp: Saying Goodbye & Hello
by Jennifer Kelly on September 7th, 2016

The orientation of autumn is here.  

We are in the cusp. Where the end of summer packs up all it's favorite memories and starts to pass things over to fall.

Children are heading back to school, all bright-eyed with anticipation. Parents are busy filling their school year calendars: attending, planning, doing ... while the breath, the sweet ease that is summertime still looms. The scenes of rest, family and food are now savored only in an exhale. Too fond to be gone, too close by to let go. 

And yet we do.

Fall holds new friendships, memories, colors and flavors. Truly, the meeting place of summer and fall is bittersweet. We say another goodbye to sand and sun and slow. The windows stay open a bit longer, letting the breeze and smell of leaves welcome us in. Scenes of football and pumpkin re-enter our lives with anticipation and ease. Routine and work pick itself back up, in-no-time-at-all.

The changing of seasons is enchanting, especially the transition to autumn.
Where blues and purple turn to browns and gold.
It is the evolution of time expressed through nature that mystifies.
Like God knew you needed time to say "goodbye,” all the while saying "hello.”
A stringed progression; it is essential, but not too fast and not too slow.

It's the passing of seasons that reminds me so much of God's never-ending work in all of us. The reminder of a sacrifice made and the promise to come. The freedom found in Christ moving. The slow and subtle reminder that this will not last forever, but the Kingdom of God will.

I believe wholeheartedly that we have our own seasons.
When the evolution of our faith gets expressed through time it enlightens.
And still God knows that we need time to say "goodbye,” all the while saying "hello.”
A threaded progression; it is overlapping, but not too fast and not too slow.

I find myself in the orientation of a new autumn. Navigating working full time for a nonprofit after three years of being a stay at home mom. Smelling my children’s hair as I hug them off to school. Learning new names, responsibilities and the halls around the office. Trying to determine and understand what "balance" means for my family and I. If there is such a thing? I think in the cusp, there is no such thing.

My babies are no longer kindergarten and under. I've been married for over 10 years now. Whoa. Transition is prickly and sweet. Change is inevitable. Dreams seem realized, yet a chapter is closing. Through all of it, I see the progression of my relationship with Jesus that has brought me here. Overlapping and essential, but not too fast and not too slow.

During whatever transition you find yourself going through. Whatever time of life you find yourself in. If you're sipping on flavors of pumpkin, wiping away salt-watered tears of weariness or resting below the breeze that now needs a blanket, think of this...

It is only for a season.

Seasons are the stringed progressions; essential, but not too fast or too slow.
Eternity is the threaded progression; overlapping, but not too fast and not too slow.

There will be a new one sooner than you think.
Be patient + Stay the course + Heaven will come

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Grace Ann Lockwood - September 7th, 2016 at 8:50 AM
Thanks Jenny. Great thoughts. Trust your new job goes well
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