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I-am-so-very-glad you stumbled your way onto my site. I'm a wife, mom, neighbor and friend. I'm Gomer and the lady pouring oil on Jesus' feet. I'm very messy, raw and redeemed. I tend to enjoy anything that's created by an artist. I especially love helping women who feel like they are caught in-between. In-between who they are and who they are meant to be. In-between Grace. I like to write about anything real and vulnerable and true. You know, the stuff that entangles, snares and destroys. The honest parts of life. Hurt, pain, waiting, love, mercy and redemption.

I'm very fortunate (like you have no-idea/miracle-from-heaven-above) that I've been married for over 10 years to the most amazing and forgiving husband of all time. He will have a special trophy in heaven. Our two daughters, Kaytlin and Khloe, mean more than the world to me. They are creative, hilarious, smart and AMAZING.

I started to encourage and inspire women to be who they are meant to be in Jesus; only my writing has been more medicinal in my own journey of faith than it ever has to anyone else. By using my own stories of doubt, faith, mess-ups, disciplines, prayer, thoughts and Scripture, I learn by writing alongside of you, walking this road together and practicing a whole-heck-of-a-lot.

The truth is, I've been caught between who I am and who I'm meant to be for far too long. I got brave over three years ago and got serious about getting help. I quit my corporate job, attained a counselor, worked on restoring my marriage, became intentional with my children and started following Jesus. I've never looked back since. Sure, I've had some hiccups and bumps and tears, but God keeps surprising me with grace and truth and love.

I'm not your normal, every day, Christian-girl writer (whatever that means anyway). I truly believe that all truth, no matter the vessel, is God's truth. I love Jesus. He seems to (like) and (hang out with) and (help) messy people. People with a past, people who make bad decisions ... people just-like-me.

My all time favorite, life-changing story in the Bible is found in Luke chapter 7:36-50. It's the bravest story of a woman with a past. A woman who crashed a party. A woman who was caught between who she was and who she was meant to be; and SEARCHED for a relationship with Jesus despite all of that.
Despite her past.
Despite the judgment.
Despite the name-calling.
And Jesus responded. Jesus forgave her. Jesus ignited life inside of her.
My kind of woman.
My kind of Savior.

So welcome. If you haven't yet, make sure you sign up for notes from me. Let's from each other to be the women we are meant to be!

Blessings and much love.

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